In a ReactJS app i was calling an external API to get some news and display to the user. Every time this page was loading i had this external API call.

So i need to make a small 5 minute caching of the result in order to avoid external calls.

In my function i have a function getContent that fetch the result and it is called by an effect.

You need to replace the URL and the results layout with your own data.

import React, { useMemo, useEffect,useState } from "react";export function GoogleNewsWidget() { //loader animation - status…

If you are using Auth0 with ReactJS you may need to get the user permissions (RBAC) in order to change some elements in your react app.

I could not find any method in @auth0/auth-react so I tried a workaround for this but when i was creating a silent token the metadata was inside the JWT.

So first install a npm library to read jwt

# npm install jwt-decode

and then in my Component i used useState, useEffect, auth0 and the jwt

import React,{useState,useEffect} from "react";
import jwt from 'jwt-decode'
import { useAuth0 } from '@auth0/auth0-react';
export function MyPage() {…

At MAD TV we are using Box as storage system for caching all our files. We are very happy with the service and it is-for my point of view- more reliable from Microsoft Sharepoint (onedrive for business etc).

Box has an application to replace all network shares called Box Drive so you can access and use your cloud files from the desktop.

The #1 problem

The issue comes that we had a lot of TBs in box and we would like some systems to have in local cache over the default 25GB of cache storage.

This problem solved easily …

This is a very simple installation with no custom setup.


Before start this tutorial you should know how to create , use and connect to an amazon ec2 instance.

Step1 : Nginx

Install and run nginx

$ sudo amazon-linux-extras install nginx1 -y
$ sudo systemctl start nginx.service

Now navigate to a browser and open http://[YOUR_INSTANCE_IP] to check that everything works as expected and you will see the following:

The problem

I don’t know why but php on my mac after a restart is missing the GMP e(GNU Multiple Precision) extension.

So when i trying to use composer to install/update depedencies i get the following error.

- web-token/jwt-core v1.3.7 requires ext-gmp * -> the requested PHP extension gmp is missing from your system.- web-token/jwt-core v1.3.7 requires ext-gmp * -> the requested PHP extension gmp is missing from your system.- Installation request for web-token/jwt-core (locked at v1.3.7) -> satisfiable by web-token/jwt-core[v1.3.7].

The solution

There is an easy way to solve this.

(I guess you have already installed php via homebrew — more…

Στις επόμενες ημέρες είναι εξαιρετικά πιθανό να χρειαστεί να δουλεύουμε απο το σπίτι. Έγιναν οι κατάλληλες κινήσεις από την εταιρία που εργάζεστε για να μπορέσετε να δουλέψετε απομακρυσμένα; Σε αυτό το άρθρο θα κάνουμε μια καταγραφή εργαλείων που θα μπορούσαν να κάνουν την ζωή μας πιο εύκολη. Φυσικά και θα υπάρχουν πολλά περισσότερα και καλύτερα για την κάθε εταιρία.

Ας τα δούμε ανα κατηγορία

Online meetings

Εδώ ξαφνικά έκανε takeover το Zoom. Το έμαθαν και οι πέτρες. Και για τα security issues που είχε και για την ευκολία όμως που έκανε τα meetings. …


The last 5 years, at Tychetech, we have been working with a major Real Estate organization in SE Europe for the digitalisation of their Real Estate Scientific Asset Management tools. We were lately asked to examine how we could boost the performance of their awarded Automated Valuation Model (AVM).

What is Automated Valuation Model

Automated valuation model (AVM) is a service that can provide real estate property valuations using mathematic models combined with a database. Most AVMs calculate a property’s value at a specific point in time by analyzing values of comparable properties while other use Neutral Network models with variable selection.

First Approach

The models were…

A very common issue is that every time certbot perform an update from one version to another it is stop working when it is running on amazon ec2 instances

# ./certbot-auto
Upgrading certbot-auto 0.29.1 to 1.3.0...
Replacing certbot-auto...
Creating virtual environment...
Installing Python packages...
Installation succeeded.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/opt/", line 7, in <module>from certbot.main import main
File "/opt/", line 2, in <module>
from certbot._internal import main as internal_mainFile "/opt/", line 10, in <module>import josepy as joseFile "/opt/", line 41, in <module>from josepy.interfaces import JSONDeSerializableFile "/opt/", …

Dimitris Moutsatsos

developer and weirdo / current: Tychetech / MAD TV / WARR

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